We manufacture an energy storage system that makes the energy transition affordable and truly sustainable – both for consumers and for the industry:


» non-flammable
» almost constant performance
» without critical raw materials
» with an almost infinite service life

The innovative electrolyte and the new solid-state battery from High Performance Battery Technology GmbH (Bonn) solve a wide range of challenges posed by the energy and mobility transition. Swiss Clean Battery AG, based in Frauenfeld, is planning to build the world’s first gigafactory – in Domat-Ems (Graubünden). We hold the only licence to date for the series production of these solid-state batteries and also an exclusive licence to market industrial storage systems in Switzerland. With us, the energy transition can succeed: affordable, clean, sustainable, durable and safe.

Looking at the technology and the factory, it could start tomorrow: The solid-state battery, the plant and mechanical engineers, architects and production planners are ready to start series production. Not yet in terms of financing. Solid financing is needed to usher in the age of this unique solid-state battery. The search for investors, partners and lenders is currently ongoing. The first energy storage units from the Domat-Ems site are to be delivered two years after a financing commitment.