Talking about sustainability is good form. The extent to which companies actually manage to act sustainably along the value chain must be continuously reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted.

We are committed to the sustainability approach and follow the maxim with a view to the energy and mobility transition – together with the developer and licensor High Performance Battery Technology GmbH:


To act in such a way that the natural foundations of life and humane living conditions can be secured at the same time.


If the options for action are not sufficient: to look for better options. Solve serious problems without creating new ones.


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This means for the construction of the first Gigafactory (among other things), generating the majority of the electricity required by PV systems on the buildings, selecting suppliers and partners based on their ESG compliance, prioritising regionality wherever possible plus coordinating work and production processes with environmental compatibility.


Sustainability is a valuable asset for solid-state batteries: thanks to their longevity – our batteries already have a service life 10 times longer than conventional lithium-ion batteries – and the fact that we do not use critical raw materials, we are also making our contribution in this area.